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          1. The boneless wiper is tightly attached to the curved glass, and the force is even. The scraper is coated with carbon film to ensure a quieter, smoother and cleaner.

          2, using aerodynamic principle design, when the vehicle is driving at high speed, the blade will not be lifted by the airflow, ensuring a clearer wipe.

          3. Optimized wiper structure design, the middle strip is flat and wide, and has the function of sunshade and anti-aging.

          4, the use of non-skeleton floating steel sheet structure, to eliminate sports shaking. Long life and light weight, stronger than traditional wiper adhesion.

          5. Rubber strips and cover spring sheets are made of rubber with strong ozone and UV resistance to adapt to different climatic conditions.

          6, the perfect integrated aerodynamic baffle design, limited wind resistance; 7, beautiful frameless appearance, the perfect combination of function and shape

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