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          The car wiper has a long history in the world, and it is a necessary car wearing part for every car. When it rains, it can ensure the car owner's line of sight is clear, and can safely reach the destination during the driving process. Let's share with you today, a summary of common problems in the use of wipers.


          Question-1: Why is the wiper not clean?

          Answer-1: Generally speaking, most of these problems come from the accumulation of a lot of dust on the wiper strip. After a long time outside the car, the car will accumulate a lot of dirt, dirt, etc. before the wiper is turned on. It’s important to develop a good habit and simply clear it! Of course, it is also possible that the pressure of the connecting rod (often referred to as the "wiper arm") is insufficient. When the pressure is insufficient, the wiper cannot be attached to each angle of the windshield 100%, which will cause the brush not to be brushed. Clean phenomenon.

          Recommendation: When this happens, the wiper arm pressure is calibrated, such as whether the spring pressure value of the connecting rod is aging.


          Question-2: Noise from the wiper!

          Answer-2: According to experience, we will first check whether the wiper size is correct, the connecting rod pressure is too big, and whether the connecting rod fixing screw is loose, so that the rubber strip on the wiper is not lifted by the pressure, if it is excluded These conditions will be a step closer to check whether the rubber is hardened. Usually the main reason for rubber hardening comes from the rapid change of climate, which causes our natural rubber to adapt to the environment and is forced to work by the owner, but this situation After a short period of use, it will naturally disappear.


          Question-3: Is there a jitter in the use of my wiper?

          Answer-3: First, it is usually because of the viscous material on the surface of the glass, which is bumpy during the smooth transition of the wiper. Second, for example, the current popular coating is often coated with a layer of wax-like ink on the windshield. Chemicals, etc., make the surface of the car look very smooth and bright, but for the wiper, the surface of the rubber and the glass is very sensitive. If there is a slight unevenness, it will shake. When the film is just finished, it may be It won't happen, but the ink on the glass is not on the car for a lifetime. When it falls off, the rubber will start to react. It can also be said that the wiper will complain with you!


          Question-4: Customers often ask for the warranty period of the wiper. Is there a standard for the wiper cycle? How often do we have to change it?

          Answer-4: Many customers in the market require product quality assurance cycle. Actually, from the nature of the product, this has no answer. The quality performance data of all products is only the reference of the laboratory data. In the actual process, there is no way to accurately define the wiper cycle. Actual use The level of maintenance of the environment and customers is critical in the process;

          As for the wiper replacement, in the normal standard environment and operation, according to the European and American automotive aftermarket standards, it needs to be inspected once every three months, and needs to be replaced directly within six months or when driving 5000~6000 km.


          Question-5: Frequently encountered normal wipers sometimes have local brushes not in place?

          Answer-5:1, the lack of connecting rod pressure is the most important reason for this situation, the wrong size may be purchased, 2, the vehicle generally exceeds 6 years and above, the link pressure performance value will decrease to varying degrees, rain If the pressure is insufficient, the local scraping will not be in place. 3. Correct use of the wiper, usually pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, is the right way to save money!

          Question -6: I don't know which one to buy when I buy a wiper. Is it more expensive?

          Answer-6: Generally, when buying a wiper, it is recommended that the owner buy a wiper suitable for his model. The popular wiper is a boneless wiper, but not all models are suitable for use. Sometimes the traditional iron skeleton wiper may behave in performance. It will also be higher than the cartilage wiper, the wiper is selected, it is best to match according to the performance of the wiper itself and the performance of the connecting rod.


          Question -7: How long can the wiper be placed without it?

          Answer-7: It can usually be placed for 1-2 years without any use, but the storage environment is very harsh as much as possible in a cool place. Even in a cool environment, it does not mean that the rubber will not age, but the degree of aging is slightly smaller. In outdoor exposure, even the rubber products of the original wiper can not guarantee performance! In order to avoid this problem, the best way is to effectively understand your own demand, reasonable control of self-remembering inventory, and doing first-in, first-out, is the highest principle of any product we make!

          Question -8: Is the wiper strip softer and the better?

          Answer-8: It cannot be absolutely, the wiper and the connecting rod are mutually compatible. In a strict sense, the environment is different, the change of the wiper strip is not the same, the formula of the rubber strip is very important, in addition, the car system is different, and its The pressure values of the rods are different. For example, for the comparison of the wiper links of the European and Asian cars, the connecting rod pressure of the European car is relatively large, and the force that the rubber needs to bear is also large, but for the Asian car. To say the opposite, it is relatively simple and well controlled. The product recommendation is based on the car's corresponding, softness or not, is not representative!

          Question -9: What is the effect on the wiper when there is oil on the glass?

          Answer -9: Yes, the accumulation of windshield over time and the use of the environment will continue to accumulate on the glass and produce ink, which will cause the wiper brush to be dirty and beating. When it rains, it is possible. It will also fog, affecting your sight! The soul of the wiper is a rubber product. It will gradually age due to long-term sun, rain and temperature differences. If it is once again eroded by external oil ester, car wax, bad glass water, the wiper life will be greatly reduced, if the quality is poor. The wiper, the service life may be shorter!


          Question-10: How often do you have to clean the glass once?

          Answer-10: Long-distance trek, driving in the process of driving, it is inevitable that you will encounter poor road conditions or pollution problems, oil entrainment in the air, vehicles parked under the tree with oil ester dripping, these require professional cleaning After the oil ester dirt is removed, it is generally recommended to do a deep cleaning every month, not only for the wiper, but also for the maintenance of the pores of your windshield!


                 These are some of the most frequently asked questions on the market and I hope to help you!

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